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Construction industry
Civil Engineers, Site Engineers, Architects,Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Soil Testing and Piling Engineers, Civil Foremen, Civil Draughtsmen, Land Surveyors, Bar Benders, Masons, Shuttering Carpenters, Tiling Masons, Painters, Electricians, Heavy Equipment Operators, Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Structural Welders, General Workers, Concrete Pump Operators and Plumbers.
Medical industry
Matrons, Staff Nurses Specialised in:
Medical and Surgical wards, ICU & ICCU wards, Orthopediac wards, Psychiatric wards, Operation Theatres and NEO Natal wards.
Radiographers, Therapists and Physiotherapists.
Ship Building Industry
Design Engineers / Safety Engineers, Autocad Draftsmen, Hull Fabricators, Steel Fabricators, Welders (SMAW), Tig & Mig Welders, Pipe Fitters, Pipe Fabricators, Hydraulic Mechanics, Electricians, Painters, Diesel Engine Mechanics and Markers.
Engineering industry
Mechanical Engineers, Hydraulic Engineers, Quality Control Engineers, Design Engineers, Autocad Draftsmen, Machine shop foremen, CNC Operators, Machinists,Fitters, Markers, welders and shutdown / Maintenance Engineers.
hotel Managers, Banquet Managers, F & B Managers, Bar Tenders, Chefs, Cooks, House Keepers, Receptionists, Waiters / Waitresses, Cashiers and Drivers / Chauffeurs.
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