Approved by Ministry of Labour (Govt. of India) (LIC. No: B-0184/BOM/PER/1000+/5/258/84) Valid upto 25-03-2020 EMIGRATE ID : RA 258

Recruitment Circle

  • STEP-1: Received Demand
  • STEP-2: Source Through Portals / Databank or put Advertisement in the news paper
  • STEP-3: CV Screening through technical team
  • STEP-4: Shortlisting by Clients
  • STEP-5: Face to face interview or skype / telephonic interview
  • STEP-6: Selection list by clients
  • STEP-7: VISA receipt
  • STEP-8: VISA Stamping, Emigration
  • STEP-9: Departure
  • STEP-10: Arrival confirmation from client